Amalgamating Information Resources

Library, Records Management and Archives have key focuses within the domain of information management. How would you seek to bring them together within one unit for the benefit of the organization. This would include a name, policy framework, standards functions, staffing, procedures etc.

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Not sure I would today. I’ve seen it in the past and was part of it. None survived as a group. Their reasons for existing are different and what their customers want from them. Lot’s of groups have a information management focus for one reason or other. Maybe better to align by those reasons. I am part of the compliance group with Privacy, Business Conduct, etc. which makes the most sense for us based on the ‘corp compliance’ reason.

There is another issue for RIM being aligned with those groups. It makes RIM, once again, seem like a back end unit for paper to their customers. Hard to beat that view as part of Library and Archives. I have seen a number of RIM groups moving to compliance or IT which helped shake off the back end POV.

In our organization, Records Management encompasses library and archives as well. We fit under the Governance, Risk and Compliance portfolio, which in our organization falls under Business Technology Services. Infrastructure and Shared Services, and Business Process and Applications round out the rest of our companies’ BTS dept. The issue I see in our organization is the misconception that library science is a subset of RM, when just the opposite is true. Just as Document Control is a subset of RM, in my view anyway. I’ve worked in all three fields and this is just my personal opinion.

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I agree with ElizabethJP, there is a general misconception that library science is a subset of RM etc. I have worked with Librarians in a previous job and their focus is far different although the Head Librarian was at one time the ‘manager’ of both areas. There was never an instance where one Library staff member could fill in for RM staff. Bearing in mind RM staff are not researchers for documents or information that would aid in staff’s knowledge base, RM staff in my organization retrieves and records information that had been already established and controlled by departments.

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Cinman, Elizabeth,

I concur, reasons for existence are different, but can’t there still be synergy that allows them to coexist as an Information Resources Centre?

I agree with you RM evolved out of Library Science principles and applied them to non-published (organizational information). The RM domain facilitates keeping evidence of business transactions (records) in an efficient and timely manner so that it is available for stakeholders to utilize in assisting with fulfilling organizational goals and objectives

Back from vacation. Part of the consideration is the view folks have of each which is not similar. Interesting to see above both exist in Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) so that sure helps. I was part of a group that had the same management. We had nothing in common and could not help each other. It broke up after a few years. RIM (at least I am) is involved in the generation, storage and disposal of business records. They are evidence of our decisions and actions or plain junk needed to get through the day (okay a lot of junk). What may exist globally in other holders of information that is accessible per copyright, etc. I could care less about… Unless it becomes part of a business record.

Glad to have you back Cinman, I just got back today. Well right now that is the path that has been set for us. So I appreciate the insight you have provided. I’ll keep you posted.

Cinman, noted your comments regarding mergers involving Library, RM and Archives. It’s in motion now so just have to navigate the terrain.

Naynay, missed the update email so it was buried. I hope it works for all involved without having that forced fit feeling.

I’ve been a part of teams to collaborate on different types of software and each last a few years then we move on to the next best thing, never getting to the one program that works for all areas of the corporation.

Hey Cinman,
Working it through, to see how rebranding as an Information Management Unit can be achieved given the specific disciplines; Library, Records Management and Archive