Assessing Record Volumes physical and electronic

In the process of outsourcing scanning and validation of some departmental physical files. Are there any tips/suggestions you may wish to share? Particularly regarding assessment of physical and electronic records volume which will impact vendor pricing.


I have a Guideline for folks to read which covers point of retention time, retrieval of the image, condition of the record to be scanned, etc. I’m not a fan of backwards scanning either, except as the record is called for. I’ve seen scanning jobs where they scanned records that only had two years to live. The cost and ‘need’ for the record was five times higher then if it went to storage for the occasional retrieval. The more you have to prep a document for scanning, the higher the cost. The higher you want the vendor to check their scanned work, the higher the cost. Throughput on a scanner is not really important as the prep and check phases are the slowdown points.


I’m interested in the guideline please.

Implementation of document imaging started over ten years ago. The team I was on embraced it quickly however other department were slow to accept. Now, one of the major ones has decided to embrace full force but not internally they want to outsource. Vendor is asking questions about their volume and what is required of them.

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I would like the outline

I would really like to see the outline too!

Hi Cinman,

Still interested in seeing your guide. Have a great day!


Guidelines for Converting Company Records.pdf (21.7 KB)
Sorry, looked like it uploaded before. Hope this worked.

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Got it Thanks!