Did you Have Trouble Viewing the Webinar?

We understand some of you had issues viewing the webinar through GoToWebinar. If you had any issues at all, please post the details of what happened. We’d like to gather as much information as possible before contacting GoToWebinar and getting things straightened out.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your feedback!

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I had to tune in a little late because of things going on at work. I missed the first few slides. After thinking about it - Rather than sending me some information, I think I’ll wait for when you post the recording. I’ll listen to it and fill in some notes for the part I missed. I think that will work. Thanks for getting back with me. Chris Nettrour

I had no trouble logging on or hearing audio.

Thanks for the post!

We have loaded the recording of the webinar so you can check out the slides you missed. Let me know if you need anything from us!

Great! Thank you so much for the feedback.