Difference between Records Inventory Forms and Records Transfer Forms?

What is the difference between Records Inventory Forms and Records Transfer Forms?

Please anyone else who offer some basic explanations.

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Hi! I’ve taken a few quotes from an ARMA publication titled: Sample Forms for Archival and Records Management Programs. I recommend reviewing this publication!

Records Inventory: “A records inventory is a detailed listing that may include the types, locations, dates, volumes, storage equipment, classification systems, and usage data of an
organization’s records. It is used to capture all pertinent information about the
records to assist in their appraisal.”

Records Transfer Form: “A records transfer or transmittal form is used to transfer records from an active office environment to inactive, low-cost storage. This form may have different
names such as Records Transfer List, Records Transfer Form, Records Storage
Transfer, Transmittal of Records, or Records Transmittal Form.”


thanks so much for your helps.