Digital Signatures

Last year we observed World Paper Free Day within the office. It allow us to identify those process that were not paper free. We’ve been looking at what we have internally and what is available externally to add digital signatures. Adobe Reader DC, Nitro PDF Reader and MS Word are what’s available any other suggestions?

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We’ve been using Microsoft’s InfoPath for internal signatures but are in the process of switching over to DocuSign. We do a lot of business that requires a contract be signed by external customers and this will allow us to streamline the entire process. Also is going to be implemented on internal documents that require a legal signature.

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In many cases i think Adobe signature is fine. Most signatures we make are not a legal requirement but an internal process, formality, acknowledgement, it shows I’m the boss, etc. For high value records such as a high dollar amount contract, e-sig vendors such as DocuSign are very good. But I’ll buy-in to the paperless office when we have paperless restrooms…


Yikes to paperless restrooms :wink:


Hi Jeanne,

Have you switched to DocuSign as yet? I’ve been introduced to On-Task and we are also looking at DocuSign

Yes, but are still in the implementation stage. It is going well so far and DocuSign seems to be well-accepted. Our Sales Reps will be undergoing training in a couple weeks (their process for sending external agreements will change) so that will be a big change for them. I have also implemented a few internal frequently-used forms using DocuSign’s PowerForms. Be sure to ask them about PowerForms if you plan on using it internally on forms that are used often.

Last year I was doing a project for a government agency. While they’re still at least a year away from e-sigs, I was able to get it passed through legal to use email (Outlook) based voting and concurrence for all non-contractual or internal only agreements. Capturing concurrence this was didn’t take much and was largely a policy change w/ minimal training.

We created a number of templates for email inclusion (how tos), a screen capture video we placed on SharePoint and some very light-weight training for inclusion in HR and process training.

This “paper-less-paper-trail” was easy to include for audit controls too (CMMI and COSO).

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Great sharing! I take your point; the voting button is neat and I will try to use it more


I watched a youtube video with M-Files and DocuSign. It impressed me. I also liked this link about M-Files (Content Management Solution) which seems to work well with DocuSign


Feith has integrations with DocuSign as well. :slight_smile:

If you’re in the market, reach out to me, and I’ll put you in touch with one of our business analysts for a demonstration!

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That would be nice, although, we are in the process of using something we have called NitroReader.

Hi Cinman,
I have a draft document re signing a pdf using Nitro Reader. Are you able to review and critique for me please?

Hi Jeanne,

I have a draft document for digitally signing a PDF using Nitro Reader. Would you mind viewing and giving me some feedback please?


Hi Naynay,

I’ll give it a go. NitroReader sounds like a monster truck, though…

ha ha LOL! I will look for the doc to attach<a class=“attachment”

Nicely done and you have a companion video! Yea. A couple of places where I made notes which should stand out from the rest of the text. One place where I can go a little crazy is wording. I go for straight to the point, in as few words as I can, so the end user moves on quickly. See the comparison comment box for the introduction. Your intro is fine but this is where I challenge people in training others. Tell them what they need to know as quickly as possible. I hope my feedback helps.NitroReaderRJM.pdf (580.7 KB)

Thanks very much for your comments which I will share. My teammate is responsible for this. She is great at stuff like this.