Disaster Recovery - After the Storm

Greetings colleagues,

It’s been a while, however I’m back. My country has just suffered much devastation at the hands of Hurricane Dorian. While the majority of the capital, New Providence which is where I reside, was spared the horrible wrath of Dorian, our sister islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama suffered catastrophic losses. So far the death toll is in the 20s and anticipated to increase as search and rescue teams are deployed throughout the impacted areas.

Philip J. Rothstein in an article entitled “Disaster Recovery in The Line of Fire” provided the following tips to assist in developing a sound plan;

Concentrate resources on prevention, mitigation and avoidance measures
Handle the obvious; if a storm is headed your way get out of its path in the first instance
Develop your contingency plan having done a proper assessment to ensure you adopt the right strategy for your situation
Develop simple straightforward plans; plans should be easy to follow, precise and clear to understand
Protect you assets - do the best to secure valuables in time
Know where to go if the need arises
Plan for possible scenarios knowing that there could be others
Pay close attention for little disasters
Test your plans
Review and update your plan
Remember Murphy’s Law; “if it can go wrong, it will”