Fall 2018 - Class Recordings


In case you missed it, here are the recordings for this semester’s classes!

Thanks for tuning in,


Thanks for posting the class. I was not able to get in on Sept. 25 so I am attending today Sept. 28.
Joe Chrostowski

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Thanks for posting. I was not able to get in on Sept 25th.

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Thank you for posting the class.
I was able to attend the class on the 25th but find these courses so beneficial to listen to again and again.


Thank you for posting - I was not able to attend the initial class on 9/25/2018 - having these recordings to utilize during my lunch break is a very helpful tool in amassing useful knowledge in the ever changing Records Management industry.

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Thank you so much for posting, but the recording is taking for ever to download. I have tried for 3 hours different methods to open the file but without success. Is there anything in particular that requires a special program to open this recording? I tried to get into the class but it didn’t work. Yhe curriculum for this semester looks awesome and I am waiting eagerly to emerge into the records world with the help of RMU University. Please keep this flame burning:) is the best for our records community.


I suggest trying VLC Media Player (https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html). I’ve found that that program is great for playing videos on the computer.

Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

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hi RMU,

This is great. I am watching on Oct 5, 2018. The content is very good, and I am enjoying it. It did take quite a while to download (i.e., 20 minutes on a fast connection), and also crashed 5 times while watching it. Not sure why. But I’d allotted a certain amount of time to this task and had to run close to 1/2 an hour over to get it up and running after each crash and re-find exactly where I was. Just thought you might like to know, since there’s no way you could figure that out otherwise.

As for the quickpolls (fwiw after the fact):

  • First RMU class attended
  • Primary interest: General information on records management - continuing learning/skills development
  • 3 to 5 RM pgms implemented or run (or as part of a team)

Would love to hear tons more on inventory–does anyone have a favorite resource for that? I have that on my roadmap coming up.

Loved the Zen-koan quality of records management perfection is unobtainable and can be a goal.

Intrigued by (very) ROT, and will want to learn a lot more about the processes and tools to optimize practices around reducing ROT.

Thanks again!


I’ve just uploaded the second class. We’re trying a new video format to see if it’s easier for students to open and run. Please let me know your feedback.


I just trued to download and watch the videoon my IPad and it will not play.

Kathi Cole

Try this one:


Thanks. This work works.

Having problems with the volume, i.e.: none. Any advice?

Hi Elizabeth,

Did you try downloading them and playing them with VLC Media player?

Hi these post are a great help, I missed the class held on October 30th, have you guys posted the recording yet?


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i was going to ask the same thing.

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Good morning Richard,

I was just wondering, are the classes going to be youtube videos now and not downloadable? It has been available to download, which I appreciate since I can listen to it again even if I’m not online.
Please advise.
Thank you

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Thank you for the class recordings. I am usually unable to access the live sessions, so the recordings are a blessings. I have just finished watching Class 3. It is refreshing to get educated in a more casual and plain spoken manner than the traditional classes elsewhere. I appreciate all you do.