Fall 2019 - Class Recordings


In case you missed it, here are the recordings for this semester’s classes!

Thanks for tuning in.



I got a message that said the recording is private.

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Thanks for the heads up. I believe we fixed it, please try again!



Good Morning,

This class was reviewed on 10/7/2019.

Where is the recording for class 4 held on October 29? I only see links to recordings for the first 3 classes.

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We need to rerecord a large section of it where the audio was malfunctioning.

Hope to have it up by end of day tomorrow.

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Hi there,

The video is now up!

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When the certificate will be available ?

thank you very much, well understand.

Will you be uploading Class 5 from November 12th soon? This is the only class I missed.

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Hi Tasha,

Could you please try refreshing the page?

Thank you!

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Perfect, thank you! It is there now, have a great day ~

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Morning, there is no attachment.

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