Favorite Records Management Conferences?

Hey RMU’ers!

We’re curious to hear, what are your favorite Records Management (and related) conferences, and which are you planning to attend in 2018?

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Are there any lesser known conferences that you particularly suggest your colleagues attend, and why? Let’s keep sharing our experience!


Did we miss one? Don’t forget to tell us below!

ARMA Canada Conference and Expo

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Florida Records Management Association with certification through University of Central Florida. Excellent resource for Florida Records Managers.


Do local chapter conferences count?

Sure! Do you have some you like in particular?

Someone in your area who hasn’t heard of them already may be interested.

I suggest the FRMA conference as well. It is very informative, worth your time, and has a relatively low price. :+1:

Cool! How many attendees normally go to the Florida RMA conference?


I belong to the Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA… we are now having CRM workshops and other things planned this year. It’s located in Philly. Check them out (though they are updating their website I believe).

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@feithadmin Over 200.

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International Council of Archives Conference

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Information Governance Conference, held in Providence, RI.


Open Government Conference for those working at Texas State or Texas Local Governments. Conference covers the laws that govern the Texas Public Information Act and updates attendees on recent Legislative Changes that have an impact on how the PIA is applied.

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You listed 930Gov, but did not specify the spring annual E-Discovery, Records and Information Management Conference and Expo also sponsored by the Digital Government Institute (DGI).

I need to know about Florida RM conferences and activities; it’s close to home LOL!

Hi there, I’m new on this site. I see an option for Niagara as RM conference. Does anyone have any information about this?

Ontario Connections Conference - It covers Access and Privacy, Security and Records Management and is for those in the public sector in Ontario, Canada


sorry for the late reply. Only just now saw that you wanted info on the FRMA conference.


Thank you so much

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AIIM Conference is in gear; will you be there? Unfortunately I won’t make it this year so if you’re going enjoy! I’ll wait to see what you have to share when you get back:grinning:

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