Homework: Spring 2019 - Class 1

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The assessment for my agency of the four choices (Productive, Comfortable, Resigned, Corrosive) would be in between resigned and corrosive. Fairly recently I had asked four different people who had been in charge of a branch what they were using for RDAs (Records Retention and Disposition Authority) and all answered with some version of “What’s an RDA?” Getting people on board is in no way related to a cruise ship … Doing more with less just doesn’t cut it.

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Thanks Stuart! We’ll use this thread for the homework!

Good afternoon all:

The assessment of my organization currently is corrosive.

However when we initially introduced Records Management at our organization in 2007 I would have said that we were comfortable. This resulted from the departure of a champion, the non-completion of policy sign-off and a general lack of consequences for non-compliance.

I would say as an organization our staff are mostly resigned. Not due to unwillingness but lack of knowledge, time restraints and know how. We have been short staffed so training employees in records management has not been on the radar until recently. Employees are eager to learn and now with more staff we are able to do so. Looking forward to getting more staff comfortable and processes in place so we can reach towards productive!

I can say that the assessment of my organization is somewhere between Resigned and Comfortable. It has proven to be beneficial to do one on one sessions with a records liaison in each department so there is some accountability with interaction. The attention and training we provide this person goes back to the departments with a little more confidence with the records management process. Prior to our initiating this, people were afraid to get rid of any record, regardless.

The assessment of my agency of the four choices (Productive, Comfortable, Resigned, Corrosive) would be corrosive. The field of Records Management is still new to most persons and organisations in Trinidad and Tobago and I believe there is a general misunderstanding of the field and what our roles are. Therefore, we are often not taken seriously and are brought in sometimes at the end or middle of a process or when problems arise suddenly “let’s call records for advice”.

I work for a decent sized organization, and I believe we have people/groups that run through all four categories. I have groups that are highly regulated that definitely fall into the productive category. Then I also have management that doesn’t know what a “record” is although they have to take a training on it every five years. We constantly have to juggle all levels of knowledge even though everyone gets the same training.

It would depend on the department or program within my organization. There are some programs that are very Productive, others that are beyond corrosive, and the other programs/departments falling somewhere in between. Going on 19 years in this organization I would say it comes down to staff attitudes, management support, and legal risk. When all three are present the better the records management compliance. However during my time I’ve also seen that key staffing changes can result in a once Productive program sliding towards Corrosive and the exact opposite happening. So the record program works on building the program by writing policy and procedure, guidance and standards, providing trainings, and getting our names and faces out there so we’re ready for any opportunities that can help us move the organization as a whole closer to being Productive.

I believe our organization is resigned to corrosive as is evidenced by the huge number of stored document boxes that were submitted with no record codes, no record owner and some with little or no data to use to try to find the correct people to sign off on box destruction. It is humorous to see the many boxes that were erroneously listed as permanent upon submission likely because no one wanted to make a decision. We are trying to clear this up in a money-saving effort while putting rules in place that will not allow submission without required data. We are now encouraging digitized records going forward. Hopefully, we will have safeguards in place that do not allow submission unless all required metadata fields are completed.

The Records Management Department for the organization I am a part of is Comfortable.

Good afternoon all,

We are in the productive phase. At one point we were resigned to “getting to it when we got to it.” This was due in large part to a lack of resources, accountability, senior level management concerns and a lack of executive management decision-making. Now that there is a senior management champion as well as team lead to guide Records Management, we just completed a project that was outstanding.

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This organization started four years ago as corrosive and now we are resigned due to the lack of accountability, and lack of executive management decision-making. Slowly are getting to the area of assigning a record liaison in each department, which turned out to be the best decision because then only one individual from each department can train their peers for their specific department and line of work.

Hi everyone.
So we are between Productive and Comfortable! My department is doing very well, and we are getting the rest of the departments up to our standards and where we all belong.

I work mostly in Discovery but cross-over into Records Management as it relates to the bigger Information Governance picture. I feel like we have people at all stages of Productive, Comfortable and Resigned based upon some of the reasons already outlined in responses. It depends on a person’s function, if they are in corporate or in the field and also their exposure to RM.

I believe my Department is in Productive and also Comfortable. Still working with some other sites that are really new on the RIM Business but we are on our way to getting them to be aligned with our RIM Standards at Corporate Level.

Hello all,

Currently we are somewhere between Comfortable and Resigned, leaning a little more to the comfortable side of things. We have or are in the process of rolling out some new policies and procedures which is always met with some resistance as people (for the most part, in a law firm anyways) fear change. But so far, mainly because of the shear amount of training we’ve had, people seem to be moving to the comfortable end of the spectrum.

So our corporation is between Productive and Comfortable! Our Corporate Records Section is doing exceptionally well with getting the rest of the departments up to our operational, fiscal and legislative requirements.

I am new to our agency, From what I have learned so far in Records Management for our Department is that is corrosive and is resigned. I am hoping that with more involvement by others in our agency we can transition to be more comfortable so as the time progresses the entire agency can be more productive in the different departments.

Our organization is between Productive and comfortable. We do have an information management working group, we defined the IM framework, issued an Information Management policy, and now we are on the training road. We secured executive support, so we can standardized existing RIm practices around organization.