Homework: Spring 2019, Class 3 (3/12)

In your Organization, who are your strongest RIM supporters?

My upline Security manager and Security Compliance Manager.

The Director of Information Governance Solutions and the VP of Corporate Finance

In our organization the strongest RIM supporter is Legal.

Our organization’s strongest RIM supporter is Legal.

It’s a toss up between Legal and the Records Department Supervisor. My supervisor makes sure everything is handled by the book and legal usually does a good job as well. I honestly have never seen or heard of any input by our compliance team. And we’re generally invisible to the rest of the company.

In our Goverment offices, our strongest supporters are the Courts and Legal Divisions.

Legal department, Corporate Secretary’s Office, CEO’s office, some administrative staff

Our administrative assistants are probably the best RM supporters. They are the folks charged with maintaining department files regardless of format. It’s a very rare administrator around here who deals with these things themselves.

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The Town Clerk and the CAO

In my organization RIM is strongly supported at the executive level.

My Legal Secretary and our Managing Director

Supported by Legal , Records Management. At the executive level, we have support from some of the executives. Our new IM Policy identifies the CEO or delegate as the accountable person, and outlines specific responsibilities to executives and dept. heads.

Our legal department and my supervisor

Law, under which IG reports, and IT.

In your Organization, who are your strongest RIM supporters?

I’d have to say the assistant town clerk 100% and the CAO when I have issues he supports me 100% and gets involved if need be.


Administrative Staff who are depended on to file and find information, both physically and electronically.

Legal and Engineering. Records Management started out of the Engineering discipline (funded by them), now Legal owns the Records Management Policy

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Executives on the E&C board committee.

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