IGP CE Credits for Attendance at RMU

Have you or are you intending to pre-approve IGP CE credits for attendance at RMU this next semester?
This would be similar to pre-approving for CRM CE credits.


Yes I would like credits for attending at RMU

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I would if it also had CRM credits . I need the CRM hours not the other designation

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Hi RMU’ers!

@taunya.proudlove, @CBStoddardCRM – RMU currently provides CRM credits for attending.

@treesapark We don’t have pre-approved IGP credits anymore because we didn’t have a lot of people asking for them.

If we hear an increased desire for IGP credits though, we’ll definitely look at going back to them.
Do you know of more people trying to get IGP credits?

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!

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I am interested in receiving CRM credits. Will you continue to do this for the next semester?



Hi Sarah,

Yes, we have no plans to stop offering the CRM credits. Are you attending this semester?


I would like to have preapproved IGP credits

Yes, I would like both CRM and IGP credits

I would like the credits for attending the RMU FALL 17 semester.

Hi Edward,

Everyone who attended will receive CRM credits and a certificate for the RMU Fall 2017 semester by email in the coming weeks.


I completed the on demand session a couple of days ago. Will I receive a certificate? karen_locher@ost.doi.gov

Hi Karen @birneygirl ,

Please email egonzalez@feith.com.

He’ll be taking care of sending out credits for folks who did the On-Demand sessions.


Hi, I’ve taken the online classes for several years. I like the way the classes were listed on this last certificate. Is it possible to get a certificate like that for classes I took the years before?

Thank you,
Karen K Locher

Hi Karen,

You should have received a certificate with all of your credits on it.

Did you not get one? Please let us know at rmu@feith.com


I would love to have IGP credits available too.

You’re in luck, IGP credits are back!

I have not received any CRM credits for any of the last 3 years. I was registered for both Spring and Fall sessions for the last 3 years. I really like how you guys have revamped the courses this year. I love how they all work together!

Hi Taunya,

Looking back at a few of the last semesters I only see requests for Certificates, not CRM credits.

I do see a request for CRM credits for Spring 2018. Did you only receive a certificate?


what is the pre-approval code for the last university course, please. I’ve completed that course and need to turn-in the CEU hours to ICRM. Thank you, julie

Hi Julia,

Have you reached out to rmu@feith.com for that?