IGP Certification Exam

Hello All,

Has anyone taken the IGP exam? If so, how did you prepare for it? Any particular book or books you would recommend?

I plan to register for the IGP exam in May, and was contemplating taking Robert Smallwood’s IGP Prep Crash Course. Have you heard anything about it? Would you recommend it?

Thank you in advance for any feedback you are willing to provide.

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Read Robert Smallwood’s Information Governance text book, study ARMA’s Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles and the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM). That was all I did and passed easily after having 20 years in RIM and my CRM.

Beth Hynes, CRM, IGP
Vision Search


Hi Gina,

I took the practice exam to see how I would do. Then I pretty much used the same ARMA resources as Beth Hynes mentioned in her post. I also passed.

Sharon Burnett, CRM, IGP
Corporate Records Manager
Vulcan Inc


Thank you, Beth, I appreciate it. I’m a bit nervous as I have been in RIM for only 3 years.

I haven’t taken it as yet but I’ve been following Robert Smallwood also.

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What is mentioned here or what ARMA notes is fine, especially those who have not been in the profession long. Even then a lot counts depending on the depth of your role. I have been at the global, corporate level over 30 years so I passed it by just reviewing what is posted on ARMA and taking the example test. I figure luck also helped on a couple of questions. :wink:

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I haven’t taken it as yet

I don’t have access to it .How can I obtain it.