New Year, New Rules, New Job...what's new for you?

Greetings colleagues, It’s always a good thing to be given a chance to start anew. The beginning of the year is that chance and everyone is really excited and filled with high aspirations. Given all the really on point sessions RMU has afforded us, what’s your game plan this year? How are you going to bring about the change you wish to see within your organization?

I plan to leverage the shift in position and organizational changes that are occurring to ensure core policies and processes are identified and put in place to ensure our digital transformation results in enhanced user experiences, efficient business processes and timely search and retrieval capabilities.

Everyday is a new opportunity and I love your idea! It is an opportunity to improve on current practices professionally and personally.

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Why thank you Anita.

I recently lost my job, so I am open to different things. I am also moving to a new state. I am interested in working for a non-profit aND open to other directions as well. Me and my husband will be moving to Phoenix.

You’ve inspired us to add a new Job Board to the community!


Really Nice! I will certainly let others know about it as well.