RMU Certificates & CRM Codes

RMU Certificates & CRM Codes

Thank you for contributing to another successful semester of RMU - we’ve greatly enjoyed our time with you, and we hope to see you back for some more educational fun in the Spring! And please, this summer while applying information from the course, pass the word on to friends and colleagues so we can continue building the RMU community!

Since the semester has come to a close, you can now request RMU Certificates of Completion to be emailed to you. If you would like to convert your attendance to ICRM Certification Maintenance Points or IGP credits, your certificates will include the codes for each class. Please request your RMU Certificate by completing the survey, here: Credit Request.

Instructions to apply your CRM codes: https://www.icrm.org/certification-maintenance/

Instructions to apply your IGP codes: https://www.arma.org/page/Certifications

Please note that the codes do have a 60-day expiration date, so don’t put this off!

If you have any feedback for us that wasn’t covered in the end-of-semester survey, please reach out to us on this Forum! We love hearing your comments and take your suggestions seriously so that we can continue providing timely and digestible material.

Thank you again for joining us this Fall – we hope you’ve enjoyed the classes, and that the lessons were informative.

See you back in class in the Spring!

— Dean Mitch & the RMU Team


Do you have a printed certificate indicating attendance? I am not currently a member of either organization but would like to have an “official record” of attendance for my portfolio. I am a business consultant and attend these training opportunities in order to better assist my business clients.

Thanks for the learning opportunities.

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Hi June,

To receive the RMU Certification without the IGP or CRM credits, check the box for “Just RMU Certification” on Question 2 on the form.


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I filled out the survey, but never got an email with the certificate. I think my email system keeps blocking it out. Is there a way to try to resend it or send it to another email? (I’ve looked in junk mail and it’s not there either) Thanks!

I would like to know what the time frame is between completing the survey and receiving the Certificate of Completion for credits. I submitted the survey almost 24 hours ago and wanted to know if I should have received something yet. Thanks!

Certificates will go out in a couple weeks, they don’t get sent out automatically since we have to check them against our records.

Thank you for this information. I was also wondering the same thing. I had completed the survey the day it was sent out but never received anything. I was beginning to think I didn’t finish it. Again, thank you.

I would like to request RMU Certificates of Completion to be emailed to me for the spring semester.

Thank you so much for all you do!

Kim Collins

I have taken the survey but no codes have been received?

Hello, I completed the survey but have not received my credits from RMU. I need to submit them to the ICRM. When will these be coming?

Hello! As Richard commented earlier, the class certificates and codes will be sent within the next week or so - we have to check the information against our records, so they’re not sent out automatically when you submit the form. Thanks!

I completely the survey a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t received my certificate yet. My name is Catherine Stoddard. I attended all 5 classes either live or via recording. My email is crbs@pobox.com. Thanks Catherine Stoddard

Good Morning,

I have completed the semester and the survey and would like to know when I will receive my RMU Certificate that includes codes for both the CRM and IGP.

Do you know when those might be sent out?

Dear Dean Mitch and RMU Team

I am very grateful and appreciate very much for being one of the students in RMU and being able to communicate in this Forum.

May I have this opportunity to ask for material and case studies concerning preservation of digital records, concerning issues such as authenticity and other matters ?

Do forgive me if it had been presented before. Would it then be possible to download them?

Thank you very much for your precious and kind attention

Good Afternoon,

I still haven’t received an email with the RMU Certificate of Completion.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Julie,

I’m sorry to hear about that - we got your request submission, so I’ll ask Manny to check to see if we sent you the certification.

Thank you,

Just checking for an update on when my certificate will arrive?

I am concerned I won’t get them submitted for IGP and CRM credit before the deadline.

I am trying to request my RMU Certificate of Completion. I am unable to access the survey because it is blocked by my Company. How can I get my certificate without completing the survey.–Jennifer

Hi, I filled out the survey a month ago, however, never got an email with the certificate. Please advise.

Thank you
Nucharee Jaikla