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Fall 2019 Semester

“I hate records management!”, Dean Mitch. Such a bizarre statement to be made by the Dean of Records Management University. It is now time for you to join (or rejoin) RMU for its 10th semester to find out if Dean Mitch needs his head examined. As such, the RMU theme for Fall Semester 2019 will be Great Psychiatrists/Psychologists in History . The Fall classes will deconstruct five real organizational case studies reviewing their challenges, successes and failures, elation and mental anguish in implementing records management in the ever evolving and modernizing RM environment.

As in the past, your leader for this 10th semester of RMU will be the always energetic, insightful, off-the-cuff and unorthodox Dean Mitch. And, as in the past, Dean Mitch will be accompanied by his trusty side-kick, Kris Pettie, RMU’s illustrious Dean of Admissions

Class 1: The Third Time Is The Charm! September 17, 2019

After two previous attempts with a custom solution and another using SharePoint, this large organization finally has a successful records solutions that continues to expand into other record areas for information lifecycle.

Dreaming of success: The Sigmund Freud Class

Class 2: We’re Small, Is There A Comprehensive Solution For Us? October 1, 2019

This small organization needed to manage all their records using a very limited number of resources and wanted the records solution to be as automated as possible including email, file shares, and other specific functioning applications that were internally generating critical content.

Don’t get depressed, a solution exists: The Kay Redfield Jamison Class

Class 3: We Need An Integrated Electronic And Physical Records Solution October 15, 2019

A warehouse full of physical records, sunsetted electronic document management content, high volume scanning of paper files, an evolving financial and document management solution; addressing these resulted in the acquisition of a comprehensive, single solution for records management. Was success achieved?

I think that the picture for success is clear: The Hermann Rorschach Class

Class 4: We Need To Quickly Meet A Government Mandate For Email. October 29, 2019

A very large organization, with a highly elastic employee base, needed a solution to initially manage email with significant sensitivity to PII (personally identifiable information). After conquering large volume email, all other electronic content had to be addressed using the same platform.

Handling all this email and PII will be the death of me yet: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Class

Class 5: Records Are Important, But We Need To Get Our Cases Under Control First. November 12, 2019

This organization was interested in records management, but first getting their content flowing within a case management solution was more important at that time. A back-end records management system would be great, but the critical records are generated during the creation and management of the case. What are the logical steps for incorporating records management?

Addressing your information hierarchy of needs: The Abraham Maslow Class.

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