Spring 2019 - Class Recordings


In case you missed it, here are the recordings for this semester’s classes!

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Good morning Richard,
Will there be other formats that the recordings are in? Such as a downloadable format, like you had last semester.
Please advise,
Thank you,

where can we post RMU Spring 2019 (Auto-categorization) homework??

Thanks Richard for the post.

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Hello Richard, just wondering if class 4 recording has been posted anywhere yet, I missed it i was in hospital.
Tina McKellar

This video will be live shortly. It still needs to be edited down, so you may need to fast forward:


thank you for posting it was interesting and yes I’m happy you are going to put some of the cyber security, threat watch management and securing record Delivery, into the next class…

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Thanks so much for posting these! I’m not always able to view the scheduled classes and this makes it so much easier to still reap the benefits of your teachings! Appreciate everything you all do :slight_smile:

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