Spring 2020 - Class Recordings


In case you missed it, here are the recordings for this semester’s classes!

Thanks for tuning in.


I have attended all 5 of the webinars for this past semester - Big data- via on demand.
I’m requesting the ICRM credit code, please.

Thank you,

Hello Julia,

Here’s a link to fill out the survey to claim your credit and certificate:

After we process the survey we’ll be sending you your certificate and credit code through email. Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Good Morning,

I just finished watching the last of the the Spring 2020 webinars. Can I please obtain a certificate of completion and the ICRM credit code.

Thank you so much!

Julie McKeon


Good Morning Julie,

Thank you for watching! If you haven’t yet, here is the survey you’ll need to fill out to claim your certificate and ICRM credit.

After filling that out, we’ll send you an email with the certificate and credit code.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Thank you so much! Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,

Julie McKeon

Hi there-

I attended all 5 of the RMU Spring 2020 classes.
I completed the survey and have been awaiting my certificate.
Is there a time frame when these will be sent out?
I am hoping you have my correct email on file because I have changed employment.

Cindi Mansell

Hi Cindi,

I just sent the certificate email to the address you listed, hope it finds you well! Let me know if you need anything else.

Kind regards,