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Spring 2020 Semester

OK, so you are finally getting a grip on the inventory of records that you think you will have to manage. Physical records, when stored in a warehouse, closet, file cabinet or on someone’s desk provides a relatively observable universe with “BIG” being comprehendible. And, with the transition to eRecords, storage and location randomness is shrinking as the current physical inventory reaches its various disposition schedules—unless your organization believes that everything is permanent and relishes absorbing continually expanding per square foot and human productivity costs. Every physical record being permanent is not the mantra for long term record management success. However, electronic records, in large volumes, is not a cake walk either given the rapidly expanding electronic records universe and your charter to manage it with limited resources. So, for this semester, I will attempt to increase your odds (and knowledge) for successfully managing Big Data as electronic content in this expanding universe.

Continuing the RMU tradition of worldly semester themes (hopefully keeping you awake) RMU’s 11th semester theme focuses in on individuals that “beat the odds” through persistence and self-determination. As in the past, your leader will be the always energetic, insightful, off-the-cuff and unorthodox Dean Mitch. Also, as in the past, Dean Mitch will have a trusted Dean of Admissions sidekick. Let us say adios to Kris Pettie (guest appearances are not out of the question) and introduce our newest RMU addition, Scott Dore. And if you have already had enough of me during the first 10 semesters, too bad–I have tenure!

Class 1: Conquering the Email Avalanche January 28, 2020

Email continues to evolve as the go to electronic record in eDiscovery. The growth of emails during the last 20+ years has been enormous. Basically, it has become the voice of the individual. As such, it’s capture, management, categorization and access have become instrumental in the functioning of organizations of all sizes. Email’s value continues to grow and deserves attention in this first class to its “bigness.”

Beating the Odds 350,000 to 1: Helen Adams Keller

Class 2: Synching and Ingesting eContent (non-email) February 11, 2020

Face it, you will never know of all the content that exists in your organization’s networked servers and legacy applications. For an enterprise record management solution, it is guaranteed be a lot. Ingesting and categorizing that content is a monumental task given the typical lack of resources and user apathy for manual intervention. In this class we will explore the challenges and strategies for addressing backfile and day forward eContent volume capture.

Beating the Odds 4,000,000 to 1: Frederick Augustus Washington Baily (Douglass)

Class 3: Tapping and Collecting Social Media Threads February 25, 2020

As more and more organizations utilize the recent technological advances in communications and transacting business via Social Media, managing individual and group dialoging has quickly surpassed the use of verbal interactions (phone), that in the past required warrants and notice to record. Since privacy in communications is almost all but dead (the rebound of enforcing PII, HII and other private information now on the horizon may reverse this trend), collecting everything and then deciphering its value as records creates another emerging challenge. Capturing, categorizing and storing all this additional content poses another record management burden on the organization’s resources and technology.

Beating the Odds 360,000,000 to 1: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Class 4: Multi-media Capture, Storage and Rendering March 10, 2020

In the age of video recording everything with cell phones and body cameras, what was once relegated to bulky cameras and recorders for high definition surveillance, and lengthy recordings stored (but rarely accessed), is now commonplace. From recording all random public activity, environmental interactions, and obscure activity that has potential evidentiary impact, we have become a society of walking recording devices that loves to upload anything anywhere anytime to gather followers and likes. Well, this stable of potential records is expanding rapidly (think You Tube and FaceBook). For good, bad or indifferent (and boring) reasons, we are now part of the new Candid Camera record generation.

Beating the Odds 30,000,000 to 1: Nelson Rolihlahia Mandela

Class 5: Legacy System Data Transactions, Formatting & Public Access March 24, 2020

Although we have record schedules and file plans for traditional content, do they cover what constitutes data transactions (big data) as records. “Big data” as a volume generator far surpasses content-based records. Formatting data generated from different transactional systems (accounting, manufacturing, HR) into a readable object accessed by employees, vendors and the public (i.e. bank statements), and then generating a manageable record, introduces another area of records management that, for most organizations, has been ignored. Well, it won’t be ignored in this final class of the 11th semester.

Beating the Odds 6,000,000 to 1: Annelies “Anne” Marie Frank

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Looking forward to another 5 sessions of entertaining education records management classes.

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