WebFDD Client


:heavy_check_mark: Requirements

  • FDD schema version 9.2.2 or higher.
  • Ghostscript. WebFDD has been tested with up to Ghostscript version 9.56.1 64-bit.

:loudspeaker: Highlights

  • WebFDD now supports Elasticsearch 7 and is backwards-compatible with Elasticsearch 5.

:bulb: New Features

  • Added support for writing file information to the page gos information table for GOS and other page types.
  • Added support for emailing Forms iQ documents with html file extensions.
  • The WebFDD installer now sets the base log directory in the logback xml.

:pencil2: Changes

  • WebFDD no long updates the last login column for the user information table.
  • Improved logging by replacing log4j with logback.
  • Debugging statements are no longer being written to the log files as ERROR statements when the logging level is set to ERROR.

:wrench: Bug Fixes

  • Reference Number: WEBFDD-462
    Replacing a page was not writing data to the page gos information table.
  • Reference Number: WEBFDD-463
    When performing a burp scan, a high SQL Injection finding was discovered in UpdatePreferences.do and searchWorkFlow.do.
  • Reference Number: WEBFDD-467
    Viewing TIF and JPG images in WebFDD was causing a GhostScript error that only occurred when using GhostScript 9.56.1.
  • Reference Number: WEBFDD-468
    A null pointer exception was occurring when a user’s session has expired when checking if the user has any bins assigned.
  • Reference Number: WEBFDD-470
    If there are multiple Elasticsearch servers listed in the server table, WebFDD was using the first server returned from the servers table and not the one selected by the user on the Full-Text Search Tab.
  • Reference Number: WEBFDD-471
    Page-less documents were causing errors on the Full-Text Search Tab when searching for an empty document.

Release Notes – February 2023
These release notes provide various installation and late-breaking product information for the Feith FAST File Cabinets software.
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